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Have you ever considered how you were given such a gift as motherhood?!

A beautiful life that entered this world. And it all was made and sealed in this one gift box!
Well actually your pelvis. This cavity supports your organs and the lower part of the trunk of your
body. It is the bridge to all the large muscles of the lower body to connect so that we can run, sit,
walk or even kneel down.

Think of this structure as a box and it holds a very special gift ( not just for Christmas!) for life.
I was only thinking on my way back from Buggyfit about when I was going to start my Christmas
shopping and thought how the body is our gift. Our pelvis is the box and the supporting core and
pelvic floor.

The muscles supporting the structure of the pelvis in place is the wrapping paper and the beautiful
bow on the top? Our beautiful underwear!!

Your pelvis needs to remain in a neutral straight position to maximise your pelvic floor performance
as well as lower back multi fidus muscles and the lower transverse abdominals. All these wonderful
gift wrapped muscles can be compromised if they are sat for long durations eg at a desk or in a car,
when tired and lacking energy, or carrying extra weight eg pregnancy. The strength the paper will
not hold and the ribbon will slacken leaving you with an unhappy body trying to compensate ,and
possibly a leaving you with weakened pelvic floor, poochy tummy or weak back.

Although it may take time for the body to recover, it is not right to accept all the unnecessary
pains as normal.  Chiropractors are there to help your body make the recovery process
faster and help the pelvis and spine move better.

Chiropractors can help restore the pelvic balance with spinal and pelvic joint manipulation,
postural changes, strengthening exercises and stretches.  Take time for you and give your
body the attention that it needs for happy and healthy motherhood.

Try firing up your abs on this Video


Bird Dog:
From hands and knees, activate your core muscles by drawing your belly button towards
your spine.  Then raise one arm and the opposite leg. You don’t have to lift very far, even
just off the ground is a good start.  Repeat 10 times on each side. Have baby lie on their
back looking at you. Add a rattle or toy to your hand and really make your baby giggle while
toning at the same time.


eliza fitness

Pelvic Bridge
Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground.  Engage the core muscles by
drawing your belly button towards your spine.  Slowly push your hips up towards the ceiling
until your knees, hips and shoulders have formed a straight line.  Hold this position for 3 to 5
seconds. Keep the abdominals tight to avoid sagging the lower back. Slowly lower yourself
to the starting position, engaging the core muscles throughout the exercise.  Repeat 10 to 12
times. For an added challenge try this exercise with your baby sitting on your pelvis with their
back resting on your thighs.


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Dr Kathleen Tam is a chiropractor and acupuncturist at Live Free Chiropractic and Wellness
in Putney. She is Webster technique certified, specialised pregnancy acupuncture certified,
and a member of the International Paediatric Chiropractic Association.

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